I’ve been having a few bad nights recently. A touch of sinusitis has may it difficult for me to wear the mask that I need to wear when i sleep. Thus I have bad dreams and wake up feeling more tired than when I went to bed.

We are currently taking Josh to school in the morning and picking him up in the evening. The morning run is my job but last Friday I was so dazed and confused, the Girlie did it for me.

I was feeling well enough in the afternoon to go and pick Josh up. I took the Girlie’s car. The Girlie has a complicated stereo in her car. As much as I know about computers and servers and all that useless stuff, I am totally unable to work the stereo in the Girlie’s car!

So, I drove to La Gacilly listening to the Girlie’s disco dancing CD with no way to turn it off. I couldn’t even work out how to turn it down! Why don’t car stereos have knobs you can twiddle rather than all these buttons and LCD readouts? I use to know where I was in the old days, with a Waltham car radio/cassette!

I got to La Gacilly early and so had a walk along the river Aff to clear my head.

It’s strange but that little walk and a bout of Frankie goes to Hollywood completely cleared my head and I slept well that night. Perhaps they should offer it on the health service but, this being France, they probably already do!

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  1. screamish says:

    Ah yes, the old “stuck in a car with someone else’s music on” scenario. my brother used to have a cassette single (remember them?) of Metallica’s Enter Sandman stuck in his car, and he’s drive me thru city streets way over the speed limit while it played and replayed into hell.

    Thanks for your review of my so called blog…I try my best…must try harder, i think…

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